The name [ PRODUCT: (RED) ] is because red is an emergency color!

 Global emergency is COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or Infectious

 diseases such as HIV will be a great blow.

 In light of the current threat of COVID-19 (Coronavirus),

 Future [USA City, Global Area Network Center! ] Is

 With [Justice and Equality] as the basic principle, [Global Fund]

 Of the program provided by (RED) in close cooperation

 I want to spanly support protection,

 Currently, we are positively considering it!

 The scheduled work for PRODUCT: (RED)

 currently under consideration is described below!

 (Currently under consideration)

 We undertake the construction of Linux_OS/Windows_OS system.

*_ Creating a server machine ( LINUX ) *_ Microsoft Serverの作成( Windows ) *_ Create Microsoft Server (Windows) *_ Dynamic DNS server construction. *_ Rental server construction. *_ Cloud server construction. ・CLOUD server ・PROXY server ・SAMBA server ・DDNS server ・RTMP server ・SMTP server ・POP3 server ・WEB server ・FTP server ・DNS server ・VPN server ・Other inter-base communication network. Core: Name server DNS_Master: NS.USZ.JP. DNS_Slave: 2ND.DNSV.JP. Communication equipment: Installation location. Japan, Oita Prefecture, Usa City: WWW.USN.RED Japan, Oita Prefecture, Usa City: WWW.USZ.JP Japan, Oita Prefecture, Usa City: NS.USN.RED Japan, Oita Prefecture, Usa City: NS.USZ.JP Japan, Oita Prefecture, Usa City: USN.RED Japan, Oita Prefecture, Usa City: USZ.JP We also support the following complicated secure network configurations. From the latest network configurations to old-fashioned networks We support and have a good reputation for its wide flexibility If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Construction cost is not decided, considering the situation We will support you at a reasonable price.
 Network configuration example
 ( The structure is infinite, there are multiple. )

 In fact, even in this Japanese historical culture,

 Mutual assistance similar to PRODUCT (RED)

 The culture of people's equality was long ago

 It actually existed!

 The culture of mutual assistance was more than 2681 years ago

 What existed in Japan is buried in the shadow of history

 I hear that many people do not know now!

When the nations are in war with each other

When falling, other countries do not help, and even approach

I will not do it, because if you approach it, the sparks will fall

However, holding such a thought full of evil spirits

Riding a crisis that may be waiting

Until the last time, without cutting, only the profits of your own country

Thinking, the civilization of human beings is fragile and collapses

SHO: Everyone is united in a world where people kill people

Let's end with a benevolent [ prayer heart ]

And so that "the world of Taihei" will come to the whole world

Let's work on a regular basis!

 The faces of people all over the world are full of joy and make every day

 Let's build everyday life with a smile

 Furthermore, for the children, a good future for the next generation

 Build and give it.

 God does not build man on man, and
   Do not build people under people!!

 Everyone in the world, whether it’s a difficult time or a happy time,
 Let's live in good health and get along!

 Founder: Passing on the King's [ will ] to the present age.

 Don't hate [ people ] even if you hate [ sin ].

 I am a Japanese who is new to English!
 There may be many typographical errors, omissions, etc.
 I want you to feel it with [a generous heart], and
 I'm so busy that I'll be slow to reply
 Please forgive me.

 After that, please give us your advice!

 As one who wishes for world peace.

 Let's work together in this crisis!

 Dorcus Usa Global Area Network Data Center./Since: 1995-2021.
 Server system construction/inter-base communication network/
 web creation/various programs
 Location: Sumie, Usa City, Oita Prefecture
 Technical advisor: Toshinori Abe

 Last Update: 20210701.

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